Company Principles, 

Ethics, Code Of Conduct


Purpose of the Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct contains binding standards and the expectations we place on our day-to-day behavior to achieve ethical business conduct. These principles are binding upon all  managing directors, executives and employees. Executives have a particular obligation as role models.

01. General Principles

Customer focus, profitability, progress, mutual fairness and trust, and responsibility are the values laid down in “FERRI” Transforwarding Services’s Mission Statement. They are the central elements of this Code of Conduct. In our dealings with our customers, business partners, employees and owners, we undertake to act fairly and with integrity at all times. We offer our customers transport and logistics services which are safe, environmentally and socially responsible and cost-effective. Our purpose of pursuing our business activities in accordance with ethical and legally irreproachable principles is inextricably linked with the way in which we behave at our work. In all our business activities we abide by the applicable laws, regulations and standards, avoid conflicts of interest and show respect for the customs, traditions and social values of the countries and cultural groups in which we operate.

We expect and encourage our business partners to introduce similar ethical principles themselves on the basis of applicable laws and accepted values. We expect them to comply with these principles in our business dealings.

02. Company Social Responsibility

We are convinced that social responsibility is a key factor for the long-term success of our company and consequently an indispensable element of our value-driven company management. All company activities are therefore bound by our obligation to be a good company citizen. Growth and job stability are important factors for the success of the “FERRI” Transforwarding Service .

  • Human Rights – We respect commonly accepted human rights.
  • Child Labor and Forced Labor – We reject child labor and any form of forced labor.
  • Equal Opportunities – The employees of the “FERRI” TFS reflect the diversity of  Society cultures and lifestyles. We respect and promote this diversity, as it is the guarantee of our closeness to society, to our customers, and our openness to new ideas. We do not tolerate any discrimination against individuals, in particular due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, origin, political or trade union activities or owing to their age, gender or any disability.
  • Cooperation – Our cooperation and dealings with one another are defined by mutual respect, transparency and appreciation. We behave cooperatively and ensure a positive working environment. Our employees play a vital role in determining the success of the “FERRI”.  The “FERRI” TFS acknowledges its responsibility to all employees, to support them and encourage their ongoing development. The “FERRI” acknowledges the right of freedom of assembly and the formation of interest groups. We stand up for the protection of these rights in all our business units.
  • Safety – Putting the safety of our employees and customers first is at the core of the company’s values and it is our intention that we work together to provide a safe environment.
  • Occupational Health and Safety – By means of preventative occupational safety measures and good working conditions we seek to avert dangers to individuals and to promote and preserve the health of our employees. Our employees’ safety is a central requirement of our company activity. Occupational safety,however,is also part of the personal responsibility of each individual employee.Risks are to be avoided by means of foresighted ,careful and safety conscious behavior. Any short commings in our occupational safety measures are to be reported to the responsible executive immediately.
  • Environmental Protection – We are committed to the principles of sustainable management and to envi- ronmental protection as a corporate value. We will support appropriate meas- ures in dealing with the impact our operations have on the environment.

03. Conduct of all Employees

All employees are required to comply with the relevant regulations in force at the “FERRI” Transforwarding Service.

  • Behavior in Public – The employees influence the public image of the “FERRI”. We will all behave in a polite, courteous and service-minded manner to our customers and busi- ness partners at all times.
  • Confidentiality – All information about the business activities of the “FERRI” which has not been published and which is not public is treated as confidential. This includes information about third parties, e.g. business partners, that is made available to us as a result of our working for the “FERRI”.  We will not use any knowledge obtained from internal corporate processes for private gain.
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest – We must avoid situations in which personal or individual financial interests collide with the interests of the “FERRI” or of our business partners. In conflict situations, the interests of the “FERRI” must not be impaired. This does not affect the compatibility of family and career.             Secondary occupations and investment in our competitors and/or business partners must not introduce the risk of a conflict of interest. Any actual or suspected conflict of interest must be reported to the employee’s manager.
  • Invitations and Gifts – It is permitted to accept and issue invitations associated with employment by the “FERRI” in accordance with these guidelines, provided these are appro-priate and not in anticipation of any improper benefits in return or any other preferential treatment.

The above also applies to the acceptance or granting of any gifts or other con- siderations or advantages of any kind.

04.  Conduct toward our Competitors, Public Officials and Business Partners

The “FERRI” responds to the requirements of its customers, suppliers and business partners and treats them honestly, responsibly and fairly.

  • Corruption – The “FERRI” will not condone corruption and unfair business practices by employees or third parties commissioned by us. We do not offer or accept any inducements, privileges or benefits which could influence a person’s ability to make objective and fair business decisions.
  • Behavior towards Public Officials – In general, all material and/or immaterial gifts of any kind whatsoever to employees or agents of public authorities or institutes or to the relatives of  such persons are prohibited.
  • Political Parties – In general gifts, entertainment and other advantages of any kind whatsoever  to political parties, their representatives or to holders of public offices or candidates for political offices are also prohibited.
  • Business Partners – We expect our business partners to conduct their business in a manner consistent with the principles detailed in this document. The cooperation with our business partners is characterized by a fair, trustworthy, and stable partnership.
  • Consultants / Agents / Brokers – Any remuneration paid to consultants, agents and/or brokers must be appropriate to the services rendered and must not serve to provide business partners with unfair advantage.
  • Competition and Cartel Laws – We abide by the applicable competition regulations and do not reach any arrangements or agreements which affect prices and/or terms and conditions or which in any other way illegitimately restrict fair competition.
  • Donations / Sponsoring – The “FERRI” supports education and science as well as the fields of sport, art and culture. The granting of any donations must always be transparent and documented. Donations may be made only on a voluntary basis and not in anticipation of any consideration in return. Sponsoring measures must not serve any concealed promotion of interests. In principle, we do not make political or religious donations.

05. Responsibility to the Owners

The activities of the “FERRI” are defined by responsibility and transparency vis-à-vis our owners. The objectives of our corporate work include the protection of the corporate assets and achieving a sustainable increase in the value of the company.

  • Protection of Company Assets – In principle, company assets may only be used for company purposes and must be treated with all due care. Company property may neither be sold nor loaned to third parties nor used for non-company purposes, regardless of the condition or value of the property, without the explicit consent of the company. All employees are required to act honestly and with integrity at all times and to safeguard the Company’s assets in the course of their work for the “FERRI”. Fraud, corruption or any other criminal action will not be tolerated; suspected wrongdoing will be investigated to the extent legally permitted in compliance with data protection requirements and approporiate action taken if evidence of such is discovered.
  • Reporting – All company reports and documents must be true and accurate in all material respects and must conform with the applicable standards and contain full docu- mentation of all relevant information.
  • Insider Trading – Employees are not permitted to use any information which they receive in the course of their work for the “FERRI” and which is not in the public domain in order to achieve financial or commercial benefits for themselves or for third parties.
  • Data Protection – We collect, process, and use personal data only insofar as Permitted by the relevant laws and corporate directives. Documents containing personal data about employees are treated as confiden- tial, stored carefully and disclosed only to authorized  persons.
  • Money Laundering – The “FERRI” takes all necessary steps to prevent money laundering within its sphere of influence.

06. Compliance with the Code of Conduct

The “FERRI” shall implement the principles specified in this Code of Conduct in all business units worldwide.

  • Obligation of Compliance – All executives and employees of the “FERRI” are obliged to comply with this Code of Conduct. The executives have particular responsibility for the communication and implementation of these guidelines.
  • Protection of the Whistleblower – We do not tolerate any actions against employees who report such infringements.
  • Consequences – Any infringement of laws and/or internal regulations will lead To appropriate consequences for the employee responsible including prosecution under em- ployment law or disciplinary consequences. Such infringements can also lead to prosecution under criminal and/or liability laws.